Warm Superforming

Superform has been Superforming 2xxx, 6xxx & 7xxx alloys over the last 30 years using air quench or liquid quench to achieve high mechanical properties for the aerospace market. The technology and alloy development has now been developed for Automotive applications and is called Warm Superforming.

Warm Superforming is an evolution of Quick Superforming. Warm Superforming is a medium temperature process utilising matched tools, full automation and heated sheet capable of achieving component volumes of 300,000/yr.  The materials used can be high strength alloys capable of achieving equivalent thickness strains in excess of 50% at production rates comparable to conventional Stamping. The process can achieve complex shapes beyond conventional forming limits. This is an alternative process to Stamping, Stretch Forming and Deep Draw where the design exceeds process capabilities.

Maximum size of part

Metric 3m x 2m x 1m . Thickness range 0.5mm up to 6.35mm thick.

US          10’ x 5’ x 3’ Thickness range 0.020”up to 0.250” thick

  • Lower forming temperature
  • High strength alloys
  • 50% equivalent strain